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Dusk-ERC20 Staking

Quick guide on how to unstake DUSK

Step 1 - Visit

Navigate to

Step 2 - Connect

Click on the Connect Wallet button.

Staking landing page.

Step 3 - Select

Select your wallet of choice and accept the request to connect the wallet.

Select a wallet.

Step 4 - Unstake

You can retrieve your DUSK at any time by clicking on Unstake.

Unstake window approval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I receive rewards?

While you are staking you accrue rewards at a rate proportional to your stake. You can unstake and restake as you wish, but rewards only accrue while your DUSK is staked. Rewards are not lost by unstaking.

Q: When will I get my rewards?

The rewards will be given to you when you bridge from Ethereum to our mainnet with the same address you staked with. Did you earn a 1000 DUSK during the staking period? Then you’ll receive a 1000 DUSK extra when you bridge to mainnet.

Q: Where can I find the DUSK ERC20 token address and staking contract address?

The DUSK ERC20 token address is: 0x940a2db1b7008b6c776d4faaca729d6d4a4aa551 The staking contract address is: 0x4ab6ffa52460979dde1e442fb95f8bac56c3adc3

Q: Can I withdraw my stake at any time?

Yes! You can withdraw your stake at any time

Q: How do I get the DUSK I stake mirrored on ITN as tDUSK?

If you stake between February 1st and February 14th, do not unstake, and provide an optional Dusk address created through the web wallet, you will receive the staked amount in tDUSK.