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Core Values


Dusk’s vision describes the desired state of our organization within a foreseeable timeframe and guides the direction of the business’s efforts in a practical way. You can regard it as the objective of the organization and the lighthouse in planning and constantly reassessing the step in building a highly-effective strategic plan.

It is worth expanding on some of the terminology of our vision statement and their significance for Dusk’s overall strategy in advancing our mission.

More on Dusk’s vision 💡 Dusk’s vision significantly extends the decentralized finance (DeFi) focus horizon. The latter relates almost exclusively to a class of digital assets (i.e. utility tokens) alternative to, and non-overlapping with traditional asset-backed instruments. Instead, our vision extends the DeFi principles to the whole panoply of assets and, as such, it encompasses the entire ensemble of digital tokens, including those being asset-backed, i.e. tokens representing ownership of real world goods or financial instruments, and as such regulated by the law. The most emblematic of these assets are securities, and with security tokens we indicate their digital representation on the digital ledger technology (DLT) such as blockchain.


The DLT-R regime came into effect in June 2023. It is Dusk ambition to comply with the DLT-R regulation and enhance a licensed security exchange to operate under such exemption.


With mission we define Dusk organization’s core purpose, focus, and aims.

This mission statement is short but dense in its significance. In its essence, Dusk enroots within the DeFi movement, insofar as aiming to return to the users the prerogative to be custodians of their own assets, and dispose of them as they see fit (within the confines of what the law allows).

In fact, the ambition goes far beyond custodianship, as DeFi protocols provide the opportunity to augment digital assets with behaviours and characteristics that can be directly programmed within the assets themselves, and composed as the users sees fit. These behaviours are codified within the so called smart contracts.

More on DeFi advantages 💡 DeFi protocols uniquely allow for user-centric composability of applications, as well as global liquidity aggregation across the entirety of their ecosystem. This departs radically from the incumbent platform-brokered landscape, where financial services are siloed, interoperability is almost non-existent, and liquidity is fragmented.


At Dusk, we prioritize our core values of integrity, communication, innovation, responsibility, and collaboration in all of our endeavors.

More on Dusk’s culture 💡 Dusk is a flat, community-oriented organization that is focused on advancing a novel networking protocol through a combination of pervasive knowledge sharing, an evolutionary development process, frequent communication, and joint ownership of all deliverables. We strive to tame complexity through these practices and to be a trusted and respected leader in the decentralized software industry.

We are committed to honesty, effective communication, and continuous innovation, and we take ownership of our tasks and responsibilities with a focus on excellence and the best interests of our users. We also value collaboration and teamwork, fostering a culture of mutual support and shared knowledge.

These values are integral to our identity as a company and our commitment to delivering high-quality decentralized software.