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Node Section

Types of Nodes

Dusk supports several types of node configurations, depending on the preference of the users and their intended setup.

  • Provisioner: Provisioners are specialized in directly participating in the consensus. They play a vital role as they are responsible for validating transactions, as well as processing and appending new blocks to Dusk blockchain.
  • Prover: Provers carry on the computation-heavy task of creating Zero-Knowledge proofs (ZKP), which are a requirement for transactions on Dusk.
  • Full Node: A full node combines the capabilities of a provisioner node and prover node.
  • Archiver: While Provisioners and full nodes generally only keep the current state of the blockchain, Archivers instead maintain a complete copy of the blockchain. They normally don’t actively engage in consensus related tasks and do not require a valid Stake.

Setting Up a Node

There are multiple ways to set up a Dusk node. The pages below provide information and methods on how to run a node.