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Dusk BEP2 migration

As the Binance Beacon Chain is sunsetting, we are transitioning our BEP2 DUSK tokens to BEP20 DUSK. This guide outlines the necessary steps for BEP2 DUSK token holders to migrate their tokens.

Why Migrate?

The migration to BEP20 is crucial due to the sunsetting of the Binance Beacon Chain. Migrating ensures that your DUSK tokens remain usable, and can be bridge to mainnet in the future.

What You Will Need

Before starting the migration process, please ensure you have:

  • A wallet holding your BEP2 DUSK tokens, with a small amount of BNB
  • A Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet for receiving your BEP20 DUSK tokens (for example BNB Chain Wallet or Trust Wallet.

Migration Process

Step 1: Gas

Ensure that you have a small amount of BNB in your wallet to cover the network fees for the transaction.

Step 2: Sending BEP2 DUSK Tokens

  1. Access your wallet holding the BEP2 DUSK tokens. This can be done through the BNB Chain Wallet or Trust Wallet.

  2. Initiate a transfer to our Dusk controlled migration wallet: bnb1dfls6c8y39l7qq4gj2479wkehg85pt5m07y94g

BNB Chain wallet transfer.

Step 3: Receiving BEP20 DUSK Tokens

The Dusk team will process migrations in batches. Your BEP20 DUSK tokens will be distributed to the provided BEP20 wallet address on May the 1st 2024.

After Migration

Dusk will make an announcement when the payout has been completed. Once you receive your BEP20, verify the receipt in your BEP20-compatible wallet.

Need Help?

if you encounter any issues or have questions during hte migration process, please reach out to us on our official Telegram or Discord channel.